iPhone Killer!!!!

iPhone Killer has been thrown about for the past year now and frankly as good as other phones have become the iPhone still seems to be the number one choice for customers. But is that about to change! Samsung has recently released their Galaxy model which is as slick and cool as the iPhone but lacks apps and brand appeal. Why buy a Samsung when you can buy an iPhone for the same money? Sony too is finding sales of the excellent Xperia very disappointing considering the excellent name and design. But maybe the leading name in Europe has finally come up good. Nokia are about to release the N8 and it will impress even the most smug iPhone user with its AMOLED touch screen display and 12MP camera this ultimate smart phone will be taking another chunk out of the Apple logo. According to some sources the cost of producing the N8 was the same as the iPhone; $187. Nokia have spent most of the budget on the screen and camera. Nokia also boasts a pretty impressive app store through OVI and are heavily marketing to developers and customers alike.
Sony Ericsson is also not preparing to step back despite initial soft sales. CEO, Bert Nordberg knows being friends with Google Android might just be the future as Android takes a 17.5% share of the market:
“Our strategy to focus on the Smartphone segment is succeeding and smart phones now comprise more than 50pc of our total sales. During the quarter, we launched our Android-based Xperia models in new markets, such as China and the US, and it is our ambition to become the global No 1 handset provider on the Android platform,”
The battle of the Smartphone OS is like VHS/BETA, Bluray/HDVD, Neanderthals/Homo sapiens. How bloody boring.


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