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Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s that time of year again for wedding fairs and we have just the thing for photographes who would like to get their name out there.

With Bluetooth technology at its peak (64% of mobiles have Bluetooth switced on at all time) you can send images, apps and messages to guests at weddings, grabbing their attention and spreading your name and reputation among your target audience.

Through bluetooth you can send a photo of the bride and groom with your website and phone number overlayed. This can be easily done as people are sitting down for their meal and let bluetooth transmit as you continue your work.

This way you can have your name on upto 80% of mobiles at the wedding at no cost to you or the guest. They in turn can forward your image to absent friends via multi-media text messaging or attach to their facebook page.

All this for a one off payment of just €670.

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Location Based Information – The Origins of ziggi!

World Wide Web

World Wide Web (Photo credit: Bull3t)

Hello and welcome!

What’s going on in the world of technology and marketing/communication?

We set up back in 2008 and every since its been a steep learning curve – we’ve gone down a few wrong roads, reversing to find new, better paths where the future looks brighter.

Anyone that works in technology knows how difficult it is to stay ahead of the game and we are constantly looking out for new innovative ideas so please feel free to leave a comments/suggestions!

I know, I know, innovative is the most over used word since the start of this recession but I couldn’t think of another one….. is our website – check out what we do.

We began our research by looking at trends in the world wide web and discovered that people are getting drowned in information.

Do you ever feel like the web is like asking a group of people for directions and they all come back with alternative directions at the same time!

Don’t get me wrong, I love the web and I’m sure it will catch on some day;-)

Current articles on the future of the web tends to have a few reoccurring trends;

  1. Bite sized information – what do people want to know??
  2. Location, location, location – Where are you doing business??
  3. Search as you shop  – When are people searching for what they want??

The web has almost come full circle. The internet broke down borders and allowed people to do business everywhere in the world. Now we find billions of websites and its becoming more and more difficult to find what you want.

People are searching for products when they are out shopping. This seems a little bizarre but true. Prior to super fast 3G and smart-phones consumers would generally search days in advance before heading out to the shops. Now, people shop and search as they shop.

The tech savvy consumer is now in one of  2 categories; The WWW online consumer  & the price comparison consumer who knows how to buy stuff online but would still perfer to see the product up-close.

The world wide web has become the who where web. Acording to a recent report in Wired Magazine, “Now mobile phones are inverting everything again, in the other direction — because your location becomes the most important thing about you.”