IT Crowd join ziggi

IT Crowd join ziggi.


Marketing Internship

album-cover-2Marketing Internship wanted. Are you a graduate of Marketing with a keen interest in Digital? We want a unique creative thinker, from anywhere around the world who is interested in taking on a challenging and fun role in our Digital Marketing position.  Do you fit this role:

  • A creative forward thinker
  • Work on own initiative
  • Passionate about digital/mobile marketing
  • Social media skills


We’re a great company to work for and your CV will shine like an Oscar when you’re finished.  Talk to me, Aidan Haughey at

Pope in Your Pocket

Pope in your pocket. All you need to know about the new Pope in an app.  All the facts, news and developments from Rome about Pope Francis the first.  Click on the link or scan the QR code with a smartphone to download.!/sample25


The app was built using and only took minutes to build.!/sample25 release latest app

Dun Laoghaire app QR Code, zapp

Dun Laoghaire app QR Code, zapp is delighted to announce the launch of their latest app for Dun Laoghaire Council.

There are 2 apps; each a fully offline audio/visual tour of a great part of Ireland.

The tours consist of 14 locations with some very interesting points of interest along the East Pier and The Metals.

The Apps are available on iPhone and Android markets.

Alternatively you can scan the QR code and choose your resepctive store.


Shop LK app

Check out the ShopLK app via the link above.

This four page app design allows customers to get the essential information on their mobile phones quickly and easily.

Share special offers, events, contact details all in 30 seconds!

Ziggiapps four page “Zapp”

If you would like to get your business on  smart-phones contact us today and be part of our 100 Beta customers.

ziggi Launches National Botanic Gardens App

Ziggi App of Botanic Gardens, Dublin.

ziggiapps has just launched the Android App for the National Botanic Gardens of Ireland.

Explore the gardens in your own time while you learn more about the plants and the history of the garden via our striking visual and audio tour. Some interesting stories include the sheep eating plant and the loneliest plant in the world.

ziggi worked alongside Ingenious Ireland to create this app and we love it!

Have a look here:

English: Irish National Botanic Gardens, Glasn...

English: Irish National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin, Ireland. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Advertising for photographers

Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s that time of year again for wedding fairs and we have just the thing for photographes who would like to get their name out there.

With Bluetooth technology at its peak (64% of mobiles have Bluetooth switced on at all time) you can send images, apps and messages to guests at weddings, grabbing their attention and spreading your name and reputation among your target audience.

Through bluetooth you can send a photo of the bride and groom with your website and phone number overlayed. This can be easily done as people are sitting down for their meal and let bluetooth transmit as you continue your work.

This way you can have your name on upto 80% of mobiles at the wedding at no cost to you or the guest. They in turn can forward your image to absent friends via multi-media text messaging or attach to their facebook page.

All this for a one off payment of just €670.

contact today.

ziggi at Festivals Expo is on the road this week in Ballinasloe.

Not to sell ponies but to showcase the latest in mobile and touch screen applications.

ziggi will also be having special offers on Bluetooth marketing devices which are ideal for festivals, concerts and events. “Shlap may hand and we have a deal” as they say at the fair.

ziggiapps must have Halloween Android App

Ziggiapps must have Halloween Androip App

ziggiapps has stepped into the world of Android and we love it.
You’ll love this must-have halloween app.
Scare the living half-to-death with sounds from beyond the grave. We have collected spooky sounds from Werewolf’s to Ghouls with a few eerie tunes to fit the mood. All twelve are available at the touch of a button on this must have App for Halloween.
Create the atmosphere for your trick-or-treat, improve your ghost stories with spooky sound effects or scare your friends and relatives with spine chilling effects.
As they say in Robocop; “I’d buy that for a dollar”.
Point your device to this link or just scan the QR code.

iPhone Killer!!!!

iPhone Killer has been thrown about for the past year now and frankly as good as other phones have become the iPhone still seems to be the number one choice for customers. But is that about to change! Samsung has recently released their Galaxy model which is as slick and cool as the iPhone but lacks apps and brand appeal. Why buy a Samsung when you can buy an iPhone for the same money? Sony too is finding sales of the excellent Xperia very disappointing considering the excellent name and design. But maybe the leading name in Europe has finally come up good. Nokia are about to release the N8 and it will impress even the most smug iPhone user with its AMOLED touch screen display and 12MP camera this ultimate smart phone will be taking another chunk out of the Apple logo. According to some sources the cost of producing the N8 was the same as the iPhone; $187. Nokia have spent most of the budget on the screen and camera. Nokia also boasts a pretty impressive app store through OVI and are heavily marketing to developers and customers alike.
Sony Ericsson is also not preparing to step back despite initial soft sales. CEO, Bert Nordberg knows being friends with Google Android might just be the future as Android takes a 17.5% share of the market:
“Our strategy to focus on the Smartphone segment is succeeding and smart phones now comprise more than 50pc of our total sales. During the quarter, we launched our Android-based Xperia models in new markets, such as China and the US, and it is our ambition to become the global No 1 handset provider on the Android platform,”
The battle of the Smartphone OS is like VHS/BETA, Bluray/HDVD, Neanderthals/Homo sapiens. How bloody boring.