What is zapplab.net?

zapplab (created by ziggi) is professional cloud based software for mobile web-apps. It is the ultimate professional mobile marketing tool and is at the forefront of technology and design.

What is a zapp?

zapps are built in zapplab and are four page apps for iphone, Android and Windows Mobile 7 devices – a smart, simple marketing solution for all businesses. ziggi designed “zapps” as bite sized nuggets of information which offer your customers all the information they need in four essential parts of communication:

Who?  – Logo/Branding

What?  –  Essential info.

When?  – Essential info.

Where? – -Contact details, GPS Location, links to FB, twitter, linked-in, blogs…

Why was zapplab created?

Over 30% of people are now browsing on their mobile devices, it is essential for all businesses to get their presence on mobiles.

98% of websites are not mobile compatible. (Ireland)

With only 30-40 seconds to grab your customer’s attention on mobile phones your business needs to get its message across fast.

A zapp is a marketing app for selling specific products and services.

Mobile marketing is the way of the future!

Who is zapplab.net for?

zapplab’s end product – the ‘zapp‘ works for all businesses – local SMEs, larger chains, for education – schools, universities, clubs, for entertainment  – bands and artists, for catering – restaurants, pubs, for retail, for sales – the list goes on…..where there is marketing there is zapplab.

zapplab is the professional tool web-designers and graphic designers have been waiting for!

How is zapplab different?

Our product is the most effective mobile advertising tool on the market because it takes the essential information and delivers it to the customer in a stylish and convenient 4 page cost effective package which saves time.

Zapps are easily updated online.

Unlike other online mobile tools we offer a solution that fits almost all business needs.

Zapps give users a smarter, smoother interaction with products and services.

Distribution is wide-reaching.



Why zapplab.net for designers?

Accelerates the process of mobile web development.

Cross platform web-app design – offer your clients an app-like experience.

Now, thanks to HTML5, the line has blurred and Web-Apps are now so similar to apps, most customers won’t realise the difference.

Enjoy the convenience of web based editing tools to update your web-apps in seconds and as often as you like.

Enjoy all your favourite pro tools for web-design, with a user-friendly interface.

Enjoy the ease of being able to publish and preview zapps on your device

Create an App-like experience with the convenience of the web……….

What are zapplab.net’s features? 

The latest in web and mobile technology including HTML5 to create a truly unique mobile web experience.

Full screen Branding

Drag and Drop images

Text Editor

Add Video, Audio, RSS Feeds

Google Map & GPS

Provide directions to your business

Link to your favourite social media – Facebook | Twitter | Your Blog



How can zapplab.net increase your business?

zapplab’s approach means that every business can afford to easily engage their customers and increase sales through mobile marketing.

You only have 20 seconds to grab your customers attention on mobile devices – zapplab creates zapps that are to the point!

Our system saves time and money allowing users to create professional web-apps in a fraction of the time compared to other leading mobile design tools.

Design once and deliver cross platform web-apps with ease offering your clients an app-like experience with the convenience of web based editing tools to update your web-apps in seconds.



Why make the move to Mobile Marketing?

QR code uptake has increased 4589% from early 2010 to early 2011

–          56% of QR codes appear on product packaging

–          11 out of 50 Fortune companies are incorporating QR codes into their marketing strategy

“Just like most news articles on the web today can be commented on, shared, discussed, subscribed to and recommended, in 2015, 75pc of ads on the web will be “social” in nature—across dozens of formats, sites and social communities” (Google)

How much is zapplab.net?

                zapplab’s amazing price:

Sign up for free and create as many zapps as you like: 99euro activation per zapp + 9.99 per month hosting fee.

BETA OFFER NOW ON – 49euro activation and free hosting for 6 months!!! Sign Up Today!!!

Didn’t find the answer you were looking for?

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly with any questions or comments you may have  – info@ziggiapps.com or submit your question as a comment below.

ziggi values your feedback and comments!


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